"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. "

Vivienne Westwood


Stumbling across the website during a frantic search for vegan shoes was exactly what I needed. Their shoes are stylish and have a hyper minimalistic aesthetic which I adore in sneakers. According to the website all their materials are sustainably engineered and no animal-derived or toxic substances are used. The only downside to these amazing shoes is the price. I'm a college student so I can't really spend 280€ on (gorgeous) shoes but a girl can dream, right?

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When first looking at the shoes I did not believe they're vegan but turns out I was wrong! 'Vegan recycled textiles', 'hand made in LA' and 'made to order'. 'RAFA is committed to the use of local craftsmanship combined with top quality materials to create a collection of accessible luxury footwear. All our products are made using ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes.' 
But quality and ethics come at a hefty price... The convertible mid sock boots in 'vert' from the photo below cost $450.00. 

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The founder, Madeleine Alizadeh is a fellow Austrian which makes this brand very special to me. She herself is a huge inspiration, a vegan for many years and doesn't support animal cruelty or fast fashion. The brand's goal is it to make affordable, timeless, high quality and sustainable fashion for everybody (hence why the items are unisex). 

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An Australian brand based in Byron Bay offering plant dyed and ethically made fashion made in Bali. Their garments and accessory fabrics are dyed using only plants and herbs. They're committed to protect the environment their farmers and your children (they sell baby carriers as well). Love the philosophy and the aesthetic!!

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A Peta approved vegan fashion brand from Amsterdam (yayy). The brand was founded in 2016 by Dena Simaite, an AMFI alumna (my college whohoo). The idea behind the brand was to create fashion that combines ethics with aesthetics. As the website states the garments are created for 'the concious woman who wants to feel beautiful and comfortable, from the inside and out'. #changethegame

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The goal of the Danish brand is 'to show that fair fashion made in sustainable fabrics does not have to be boring or less fashionable'. They only design two collections a year which goes against industry average. They use organic, recycled and eco friendly fabrics and produce their clothing under fair circumstances. 


The clothes of Elementy, a Warsaw based brand are brought to life mainly under the same roof. The two core ideas are transparency of price and transparency of production.. The clothes are basic but precise using high quality natural fabrics. Elementy was created for the contemporary, confident woman and man. 

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The Swedish brand is specialised in producing high quality denim made in a fair way. As a brand they're outspoken about social responsibility, transparent production and sustainability. By offering free repair service or reselling second hand products they bring their values closer to the customer.
(We hear a lot about this brand at AMFI when talking about sustainable production!)

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I couldn't make a list like that without mentioning Veja. Probably the most famous sneaker brand among vegans. Watch out though! Veja isn't a vegan brand! Sadly they still make shoes with animal derived materials. I actually didn't know that myself until a little while back. On their website there's a section on vegan shoes so they're easy to find. They're simple and quite affordable.


My favourite brand for purses and bags. 100% vegan! Their 'leather' is made out of recycled plastic bottles and looks incredibly real! Matt&Nat stands for material and nature. They have lots of designs so it's hard to choose. I love all their designs and products! Among pursed and backpacks they also have shoes (so nice!!).

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There's one more thing I'd like to add to this post:


It's not a brand but 'a curation of slowly-made artisinal labels sourced from all around the world'. Clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, beauty products... everything your heart desires. I love the fact that there are different brands and different styles. Definitely worth checking out!

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 Not all of the brands are vegan and if not still sell vegan products and are sustainable. 
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