Where the hell have I been? Valid question! Well with September 5th I started at AMFI, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The past semester has been the most stressful, heart-wrenching and creative time of my life. Did I enjoy it? Yes, absolutely. Did I have a lot of free time? Definitely not. Do I regret it? Nooooo!
I'm going to do a seperate post on moving to Amsterdam, my course in general and the other projects I did up to this point.
"The first semester is the same for all three graduation specialisations: you learn how to develop a personal vision of the fashion world, and in workshops you make three professional products: a Style Research, an Inspiration Book and a Prototype."
Today I'm showing you the first project I did. Style Research. All of the students were mixed together in working groups of around 15-20 people. These were divided in 4 groups of 5. Amsterdam was split up into neighbourhoods and each group got one assigned to them. We had the neighbourhood Bos en Lommer.

We had 5 weeks to research the neighbourhood, field research as well as desk research. We went out a couple of times to take photos and analyse them. Each week we had assignments and lessons that helped us to create a 'stack' (all the loose pages). We had to find a specific style for this are. A contemporary and historical one and 'clash' them. Mix and match elements of both together into a new style. At the end of the five weeks we had a board with the 'style clash' (which was our end product) and had a presentation. We handed in the boards as well as our stack and personal process book (with all the research and documentation of our process). I got a really good mark which motivated me and gave me reassurance.

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XX, Xenia